Create more space in a closet with simple add-ons

I often get to a client's home with the task to help organize the larger rooms of the home such as a kitchen or basement and end up helping with other rooms as well. Case in point was this lovely client who wanted to show me the odd set up of her daughter's closet. It was a double closet that is particular found in master bedrooms for his and her closets however this was not the case in the home.

I could see the dilemma right away. More storage was required and I knew how to do it on a budget while making it look pretty at the same time.

I visited one of my favourite places to keep in line with budget and trend. I wanted to divide the closet into seasonal clothes so it would be easy to transition the little one's outfits as seasons changed.

The following items were purchased from IKEA:

1. MALM 3-DRAWER DRESSER in white stained oak veneer X 2

2. Some rattan baskets to keep those small items separated and neatly tucked away such as the BRANAS basket. IKEA has a great collection of these baskets that change designs frequently.

3. I placed a few of the items already in the bedroom on the dresser and organized some drawers with the necessities of having little ones.

The end result gives the closet some texture and drawer space!