IKEA shelving changed this white canvas

Do you have a space that you pass daily and you just can't seem to pinpoint what needs to be done to it but you know something has to be done? Yup, that was me too. I saw this wall several times a day and I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it.

Of course, a nice stroll in IKEA did the trick and I purchased floating shelves for the look I knew would go well.

The empty space is down a hallway leading to bedrooms and I wanted something that would be minimal yet beautiful.

What I purchased:


- They come in several different colours but I wanted to keep with the white walls

Tip when installing them to the wall, make sure you have:

A levelling tool - the worst thing is to drill some holes and find out that they're crooked and look for a way to hide it. I might have firsthand knowledge of this :)

Before you know it, you've got yourself a wall with some character. The best thing is that it can be changed frequently depending on what is displayed.

I was very happy with the end result and could use many items to give this space some personality.